FibroNap CD
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Fibro-Nap is a non-drug, non-exercise regimen that can give you restful sleep anytime you have 30 minutes to spare. Fibro-Nap can be easily incorporated into your daily routine to improve your sleep and help relieve your symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Through advanced mastering technology, Fibro-Nap piggybacks the sleep waves on "carrier waves" within the audible range. The result: you get the effect of the natural waves so you can sleep!

Listen to the Fibro-Nap CD through headphones. Your brain has no sensory input other than the carrier waves playing through your ears. When you hear more than 60 seconds of a certain frequency, your brain modulates to match it. Listening to the Fibro-Nap CD through stereo headphones for 30 minutes guides your brain through a pattern of deep sleepthat would otherwise require hours!

For additional information on the science behind Fibro-Nap, see


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FibroNap CD

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