Nap and Sleep Products

Power Nap products are recordings that convey the effect of natural sleep waves into sounds you that the power napping products enable you to hear.  When you listen one of the power nap products you get the effect of natural sleep waves so you can sleep while you are using one of the power nap products, then wake up naturally without feeling groggy from using one of the power napping products...

Making the impossible, possible. Listen to any one of the PowerNap programs through stereo headphones. Your brain has no sensory input other than the carrier waves that are on the recording. When you hear more than 60 seconds of a certain frequency, your brain modulates to match it. Listening to one of the Power Nap recordings through stereo headphones for 20 minutes guides your brain through a pattern of deep sleep that would otherwise require three hours!  This is how we are making the impossible possible!

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