Nap machines

Our PowerNap NapMachines are all HD Audio and provide the ultimate in convenience and sound quality.  The NapMachines are specially engineered to play back the
original .WAV file that was used to create the Master Recording.  Since the playback on the NapMachines is completely lossless, the listener
benefits by getting 100% of the special Nap Waves delivered to the headphones.

A compact and special-purpose device, the NapMachine can be easily left in a desk drawer at the office or carried in a pocket or purse for
convenient use anytime while travelling, on the go, or just because...

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How to Powernap using a NapMachine:

Listening to a PowerNap NapMachine through stereo headphones for 20 minutes guides your brain through a pattern of deep sleep that would otherwise take three hours! During the first 5 minutes or so, your brain adjusts to the sound coming through the headphones. For the next 10 minutes, the PowerNap NapMachine cycles you through deep and REM sleep periods, finally bringing your mind to a state of heightened wakefulness at the end of your PowerNap!After only one third of an hour, you awaken spontaneously, feeling refreshed and energized, as if you took a three hour nap!