About Us

Power Nap was created by Jonathan Husni, the founder and owner of a successful network technology services firm and an avid musician. Jonathan pulled plenty of all-nighters building Acendex from scratch in 1988. Late hours for him and the 20-person staff continue to be an essential ingredient in keeping clients’ information systems reliably online.

As the firm grew, there were more and more sleepy network engineers around the office. They were working night after night in hot and cramped server closets to make system repairs and improvements ready for when clients came to work in the morning. It was clear that tired people were far more inclined to forget something or make errors that had to be corrected promptly at the company’s cost.

Seeking a non-addictive, non-habit-forming and completely safe way to re-energize the technical staff, Jonathan began months of independent research into sleep requirements. He learned that if you could accelerate natural sleep waves, people would get the benefits of a long sleep in a short time. He also discovered how our brains link natural sleep waves to corresponding audible carrier waves. He went into the recording studio and went to work.

The result is Power Nap. Members of the Acendex engineering staff and thousands of satisfied customers around the world have been using the various Power Nap recordings for several years now with tremendous success.

Join thousands of others and enjoy the benefits of a long sleep in a short time whenever you want it and wherever you happen to be!

Our mission is simple: to provide the best products and service to our customers at the lowest prices possible. We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell. Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse our product catalog.